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  • Sat

    Living Legends of Aviation

    Beverly Hills, CA

    Michelle Rouch created a unique piece of art called, "Cool Astro Dudes." The original artwork strode the red carpet at the 14th Annual Living Legends of Aviation, in Beverly Hills, CA. Mark and Scott Kelly were honored that evening and joined the living legends, such as aviators Buzz Aldrin, Harrison Ford, and Morgan Freeman just to name a few. The twin brothers are both retired Navy Captains and astronauts. Scott Kelly recently spent a year in the International Space Station, advancing medical and other project research in a weightless environment, while his twin brother did the same research here on earth for comparison. The artwork depicts Mark and Scott Kelly posing for the camera. The stance of the astronauts can be traced back to the famous rap group Run DMC. The artist was inspired by many of Mark Kelly’s crossed arm pictures and wanted to create a cool look. On Scott Kelly’s astronaut suit is a 90s style boom box because cool dudes need music.