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    Tucson, Arizona

    bennuval_logoThe Art of Planetary Science invites local IAAA to display astronomical artwork at Bennuval, a celebration of the OSIRIS-REx mission to the asteroid Bennu. This event was organized by the mission leader, Dante Lauretta, who is a faculty member in the Lunar and Planetary Lab.

    Fit Check Test by Michelle Rouch

    Fit Check Test by Michelle Rouch

    The Emcee for the evening is the renounced Geoff Notkin, who entertained the crowd with his world travels.  Tucson Improv Movement, ChamberLab, Aerolite Meteorites, The Art of Planetary Science, and Flam Chen fused Space Museum, Space Dance and Space Art into one.

    The original artwork is an abstract representation of five engineers in the clean room undergoing a critical fit check test of the High Gain Antenna (HGA) on the main OSIRIS-REx spacecraft structure at Lockheed Martin.