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    Night Wings

    Pima Air & Space Museum - Tucson, AZ

    night-wings-2014-1Families came to explore the Pima Air & Space Museum during the cool summer evenings. Mina Stafford, the Arizona Aerospace Foundation Curator of Education organized the annual Night Wings program that occurs year-after-year. It’s a family event that is filled the kids friendly activities during the hot Tucson summer months.

    Families roamed the in hangars and gain hands-on experience in making paper airplanes, air rockets, and balloon helicopters. They also learned about robotics, airplane collections, seltzer rockets, demonstrated by Aerospace Engineer and AIAA member, Brian Biswell.


    The kids also participated in studying how craters are formed at different heights and see what happens on the surface. They also got to experience in sampling delicious astronaut ice cream and having an opportunity to taste the yummy Tang drink mix, invented by the NASA space program. Families met Space Artist and were able to draw their very own Astro Girl or Astro Dude.

    There were fun filled activities to occupy the visitors in coloring Astro cartoon characters at the Space Art booth and learn about planetary science through art at the Space Gallery. One artist preferred to name his cartoon character Astro-Bob versus Astro-Dude.

    The Space Artists are members of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA), a non-profit foundation, was formally founded in 1982 objective is to implement and participate in astronomical and space art projects, to promote education about astronomical art, and to foster an international cooperation in artistic work inspired by the exploration of the Universe.