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    California Aviation Hall of Fame

    Museum of Flying - Santa Monica, California

    Inaugural Induction Ceremony, honoring California's Most Influential Aviators.
    Honorees: Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Clay Lacy, Bob Hoover, Frank Robinson.
    California Aviation Hall of Fame claimed its stake in the ground at the Museum of Flying. On June 7, 2014 an inaugural induction ceremony honored California’s most influential aviators and astronaut. Director Daniel J. Ryan strategically placed the North American F-86 Sabre, painted in a vintage Air National Guard scheme, to greet the museums’ guests.


    Original artwork by Tucson artist Michelle Rouch was specially commissioned for the event. Titled “Ethereality,” it was inspired by Dr. Buzz Aldrin’s vision for the future of space exploration and mission to Mars.

    Jan Aldrin presented her father for the Hall of Fame. Dr. Aldrin gasped, “I don’t ever want to forget this [night] that got me at this very moment.” Clay Lacy earned the nickname Mr. Hollywood and wears it well. Frank Robinson retired in 2010, passing his award-winning helicopter business to his son, Kurt. Bob Hoover, best known as the “Pilot’s Pilot” entertained the crowd by reflecting on what the aviation industry has to offer in getting us on the other side of the world.