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    (ASAA) American Society of Aviation Artists International Art Forum

    San Diego Air & Space Museum, San Diego, California

    San Diego Air & Space Museum President & CEO, James G. Kidrick welcomes the ASAA artists to the 28th Annual 2014 International Aerospace Art Exhibition. Kidrick recognizes ASAA’s dedication to the pursuit of excellence and public appreciation of aerospace art and acknowledges that only through skilled artistry people can truly appreciate the beauty of aviation and gain a much needed historical perspective and also admiring its flight.   Another generous host sponsor was Allen Airways Flying Museum, who offered a full day dedicated to drawing and an evening of dining and dancing.

    ASAA President, Ardell Bourgeouis welcomes the 3rd ASAA Forum visit to San Diego, CA. ASAA thanks the San Diego Air & Space Museum for hosting the exhibition from 28 April to 28 July 2014. The selected works were from the best submissions by artists from around the world.   In addition to the ASAA sponsored awards, recognition was offered by sponsors from Boeing, ForeFeathers Enterprises, and Winsor-Newton were awarded.   The exhibition had a total of 143 entries of which 60 pieces of the highest quality were accepted into the show.  Michelle Rouch "Pioneer Combat Pilot" was selected for the International Aviation Exhibition.  The artwork depicts Martha McSally (USAF retired) is a pioneer. She is the first female pilot to fly a fighter aircraft in combat in U.S. history after the prohibition was repealed in 1991.  As a Lieutenant Colonel, McSally became the first woman ever to command a fighter squadron, the 354th Fighter Squadron, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, AZ. The artwork depicts Captain Martha McSally posing in front of her T-37 Tweet trainer shortly after the she was selected to be in the first group of seven women in the USAF to become fighter pilots in 1993.