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    Pima Air & Space Museum hosts Brigadier General McDivitt to share his test pilot stories when he commanded Gemini 4 flight during Edward H. White first US spacewalk and also Apollo 9 mission, known as the first manned flight test.  

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    Tucson Citizens publishes Michelle Rouch’s research – 100 Years of Aviation History in Tucson.       1903 : The City of Tucson passes its first speed limit, 7 mph, while the Wright Brothers take their first flight on December 17, 1903 on a cold, windy beach at Kitty Hawk, […]

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    The Living Legends of Aviation comprises of 70 honorable aviators that include astronauts, pilots, entrepreneurs, innovators, and first record breakers, who have become celebrities or are celebrities who have become pilots. The gala event meets every year to pay tribute to individuals that have made a significant contribution in the […]

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    by Steven G. Smith, For many people, integrating the left brain – logical, rational and analytical – with the right brain – intuitive, holistic and subjective – can be a challenge. For Michelle Rouch, an electrical engineer with [DoD] Tucson, Ariz., it’s just part of her makeup as an artist.   Rouch credits her father, who is an […]

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